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project release timeline:
September 8, 2020 - September 25, 2021



The essence of the project

We have created an partner network for people like you - cybersquatters, web designers, bloggers, freelancers from all Internet communities and all over the world who want the same thing: conditions and places to work and make money on the Internet, protect their jobs from illegal copying, distribution, modification or sale of digital goods and software. With your help, the Exloid partner network will always be a fun, safe and profitable place for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner or have been working in the Internet for decades, we are confident that you can make your own contribution to this unique community that is designed to reach the whole world. Remember: Exloid is our partner system with you. We all bring something unique to it, and this uniqueness is worth protecting and developing.


Now there are very few systems on the Internet that allow participants to cooperate and create new products with subsequent profit. There is no cascade system for the integrated management of business projects in the Internet space, from idea to turnkey implementation.

The essence of the problems that the project solves


Very often, the Internet projects invested are insufficiently developed and preliminary completed in general. All trust is based on promises. As a result, investments are subject to enormous risks and may be lost. Return on investment procedures are not always clear and transparent. A huge part of projects have no guarantees of return on investment. There are no clear guarantees of providing investors with the declared percentage of project profits.


At the moment, there are a number of problems with referral activities. The use of referral links for a large mass of Internet users can be generally called ineffective. Some users remove the referral component from the referral link. Other users simply avoid using referral links, trying to log in and register on a referrer-promoted site on their own.

Referrers usually receive one-time rewards from the work they perform. For further payments of the attracted user on the site, the site owners no longer reward the referrer. Also, resource owners are trying to further reduce the already small share of referrers' earnings. They promise rewards not for every attracted referral, but for rather large groups of referrals.


Domain owners and cybersquatters are still not provided with profitable domain parking conditions. As a result, the fate of the domain in the parking lot is hopeless. Such a domain will not have any rating. Search engines will treat such a domain as spam, satellite, and generally get blacklisted and removed from indexing. It will be very difficult and most likely impossible to restore the trust of search and rating systems to such a domain, not to mention the trust of users.

Web templates

It is very difficult for web designers, digital art artists and webmasters to resist piracy when selling their web templates. As a result, it turns out to make one or two sales and this web template is already distributed on torrent sites and warez sites.


Bloggers, rewriters, professional writers and ordinary users constantly have difficulty writing articles. This is due to providing them with heterogeneous site management systems when writing articles, difficulties in transferring articles from one domain to another. Currently, there is no elementary opportunity for article authors to do their work quickly and efficiently in an intuitive environment that looks like a finished page when edited. It's hard to find a system without complex and often unnecessary toolbars, endless rows of buttons, a huge number of pop-up windows and drop-down menus.


In the overwhelming majority of cases, all of the above types of users are left to themselves before the huge task of their own financial well-being. Only different types of payments are required from users. A one-time, recurring payment, various commissions and additional payments for hidden and additional services. Currently, all ordinary and even advanced users on the Internet experience great difficulties in monetizing their work. There is no convenient, universal, extensible and at the same time simple and effective subsystem for monetizing leads, referral programs, domains, web templates, user pages.


There is no automated control system that coordinates and brings profit to the participants in collective work. Thus, it is difficult for individual high-class specialists from various fields of programming, computer graphics and modeling, automated design systems and other infocommunication technologies to sell their works, and it is not possible to lease their works at all.

Why the project was created

Our project solves a whole range of problems in various areas of the Internet industry. One of the most popular aspects for uninformed users is creating a personal website. Most of the services we have provided for the site and doing business on the site did not exist before. With the help of the Exloid partner network, all the above problems can be solved in a few easy steps. As a result, our project is a response solution that helps both individual clients and the Internet business industry as a whole.

Customer solutions


The ability to receive permanent profit from all operations for each paid resource. The resources of the partner network are domains, web templates, pages, business on pages, crowdsourcing, selling mailboxes, sending mail.


In our partner network, referrers are guaranteed to earn throughout the life of the project. Investments in the Exloid project can only be made through a referrer using his referral code. You can use free offers to add domains, web templates, pages, create crowdsourcing projects and take part in them only thanks to the referrer's promotional codes.


Now it is possible for domain owners to make a good history of the domain, adjust its ranking in search and rating systems. Find your group of web template designers and article authors, manage this group. Together with all subsequent site members on the domain, make a profit. By site members we mean web template designers, page authors, crowdsourcers, as well as other Internet users, including donators, commentators, advertisers, business users on the page.

Web templates

The partner network provides an unlimited page-by-page rental of web templates. Our system supports multi-layout web templates. In one domain, each page can be created based on a unique web template layout that is not duplicated on other pages in that domain. The web template designers in the affiliate network are exclusive landlords. Unregistered web templates cannot be used on the Exloid network.


We make it easier for bloggers, rewriters, professional writers and ordinary users to work and earn money. Writing articles on the site is now as easy as working in the intuitive page editor. Transferring a page from domain to domain and / or changing the web page template are carried out in one operation.


In the system, the profit from business processes is distributed among all involved participants in the system. Business is all operations related to making a profit from the use of business blocks on the pages of the partner network users:

The business subsystem on pages will be available from December 25, 2020.


The Exloid partner network has implemented an automated management system that coordinates and brings profit to the participants of collective work. Now all participants in collective work - crowdworkers - individual high-class specialists in various fields of programming, computer graphics and modeling, automated design systems and other infocommunication technologies can lease their work for an unlimited period without the slightest risk of loss, theft and illegal use.

The crowdsourcing project subsystem will be available from March 26, 2021.

Industry solution

In general, for the industry, this is an opportunity to create a turnover and a market for digital goods and services, which will facilitate the earnings of many people, both highly professional specialists and ordinary users.

Project description

Mission of the project

The Exloid partner network is a new word in the IT industry. The partner network will allow its users to become participants in the Internet market, organize their own businesses, attract new participants, and have a continuously growing decent income.

Project financing to date

The project has been funded all the years of its development thanks to the personal funds of its co-founders.

At the moment, the project has no debt and other financial obligations to third parties.

If you want to become a shareholder of our company Exloid Inc, please register or log in to our partner network.

After logging in, write us a message.

Social significance

The functionality of the project is organized in such a way that it is available to each user as a single platform for the implementation of business, creative ambitions, marketing campaigns and other innovative ideas.

Any user of the partner network can simultaneously use any of the provided opportunities: be a leader and referrer, owner of domains, web designer and page author, organize and participate in crowdsourcing projects.

Web designers and facilitators of crowdsourcing teamwork within the Exloid partner network have all the opportunities to organize and implement their fantasies, projects and business ideas.

The project has been successfully tested and is operational.

Early Access is available.

Commercial significance

The system can be considered as a source of additional and basic income. Partner network users will be able to create their own teams from leaders, page authors, crowdworkers, mailbox buyers. In addition, the business on the pages of the partner network will provide an opportunity to attract donators, commentators, advertisers, buyers of digital goods and services, subscribers, conduct auctions and so on. The list of available ways to monetize pages is constantly growing.

Below are all sections of the Exloid partner network, with the help of which any user can organize their business and thereby improve their financial situation.

Domain owner
Web designer
Author of pages
Business on page

One of the unique and main distinctive features of crowdsourcing in the Exloid partner network is the automatic process of assembling the final digital product: executing scripts, processing files, converting one format to another to go through the stages of a crowdsourcing project through various software environments and software systems complexes.

Digital products can be used in a variety of end-to-end consumer and internet industries. For example, in the film industry, CGI animation, advertising, science, modeling, gaming, art design, architecture, education, medicine, and many other areas where visualization is required.


Marketing analysis

Today, there are a number of large platforms that allow you to receive money from ads based on views of content, as well as donations. Separately, there are hostings that offer various kinds of site builders. So far, this has limited the market for earning opportunities in such systems.

Our solution is a multi-system approach in the distribution and sale of all kinds of digital goods and services.

The advantage is that on our platform you can get the maximum number of services in one environment. An important part of our solution is the ability to profit from the actions of other members of the partner network.

We can say that the Exloid partner network is a self-sustaining system, where each participant is motivated to achieve a profitable result. It is both self-employed and the community you have created or are part of.

We have conducted surveys and demonstrated the system to end users in private meetings. From the main reactions of the participants, it was possible to understand that they want to work in the system and get paid.

The system was presented to a wide range of potential consumers, such as businessmen in the field of production and sale of clothes, specialists in the field of rendering services to the population. They immediately wanted to create a website on this system at no additional cost and start making money.

Business trainers with a Cambridge University master's degree liked the system for its simplicity and ease of implementation.

Journalists who own their own media resources called our system progressive, which allows any journalist to submit hot information and make money on it.

Feedback from programmers with over thirty years of experience to whom this system was introduced was positive. The programmers spoke of the project as a system with a large number of possibilities, a system in which there is everything for the implementation of digital goods and services.

The marketers we spoke with called our system an excellent project for a «business from the ground up».

Technical description

A detailed description of the main technologies of the implemented project is presented in the form of reference technical documentation for working in the system, as well as in the form of a context-sensitive help subsystem on this site in the authorized section of the user.

Tokens and financial model

The Exloid partner network has its own blockchain. Blockchain records are generated in various cases. Including as a result of the following network operations:

Each token is unique and indivisible. Each token contains a smart contract that reflects the entire scheme of financial distribution of the profit of this token among the participants of the partner network involved in the profit. Each token contains its own history from the moment of its generation to its current status.

From March 25, 2021, the tokens of the Exloid partner network can be sold and purchased among the network members at their contractual value.

Learn more about early access promotions here.

Thus, the distribution model of the Exloid partner network tokens is determined by the network participants themselves.

The token is a digital passport of the resource, during the creation of which it was generated. The resources that initiate the generation of new tokens are:

The token can be exported from the Exloid network in the form of a QR code and then gifted, sold or transferred on any other terms to other users or anyone.

Also, a token in printed or digital form in QR code format can be imported into the Exloid system.

Users cannot delete their resources in the partner network. It is only possible to unpublish and / or sell resources in the form of a token on the site of the Exloid partner network.

At the time of the transfer of the token, along with the token, all ownership rights and the right to profit from the resource are transferred to another person.

Discount program

The Exloid partner network discount program is valid from September 8, 2020 to September 25, 2021 inclusive. The discount program applies exclusively to the cost of leads and the cost of early access to the system. Also, early access holders can sell tokens on the internal exchange of the Exloid partner network.

If you want to purchase early access to the system and get acquainted with the system, then this can be done by registering and logging into this site. You can also post questions through the internal messaging engine on this site in the user area after purchasing early access.

All sections will be available in the system at early access, except for Crowdsourcing and Mail - these two sections are available from March 26, 2021.

Only the «Leads» and «Referral Programs» sections will be available without early access payment for the period of the discount program.

Those who wish to work and invest can already work in the system during this period and buy leads at a discount price.

Discounts for creating referral programs do not apply. Referral programs in the system cost from $ 1 to $ 100 with income levels from 20% to 80%, respectively. You can find more details on this website in the user section «Referral Programs» from September 8, 2020.

The entire duration of the discount program is divided into the following stages:

  1. Validityfrom 8 September 2020 to 25 November 2020The beginning of early access to the system. Early access cost $ 10,000 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. During this period of the discount program, the price of one lead with an income level of 80% is $ 1 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. After the discount program, one lead with this level of income will cost $ 100.
  2. Validityfrom November 26, 2020 to December 25, 2020Continued early access to the system. Early access cost $ 7'500 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. During this period of the discount program, the price of one lead with a 70% income level is $ 1 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. After the discount program, one lead with this level of income will cost $ 75.
  3. Validityfrom December 26, 2020 to January 25, 2021Continued early access to the system. Early access cost $ 5,000 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. During this period of the discount program, the price of one lead with a 60% income level is $ 1 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. After the discount program, one lead with this level of income will cost $ 50.
  4. Validityfrom January 26, 2021 to February 25, 2021Continued early access to the system. The cost of early access is $ 2'500 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. During this period of the discount program, the price of one lead with a 50% income level is $ 1 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. After the discount program, one lead with this level of income will cost $ 25.
  5. Validityfrom February 26, 2021 to March 25, 2021End of early access to the system. The cost of early access is $ 1,000 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. During this period of the discount program, the price of one lead with a 30% income level is equal to $ 1 in bitcoins at the exchange rate on the day of purchase. After the discount program, one lead with this level of income will cost $ 10.

From March 26, 2021, the entire Exloid partner network will be available for work, including work «Crowdsourcing» on the group creation of digital products for facilitators of crowdsourcing projects and crowdworkers, who are developers of digital and virtual products.

Also, from March 26, 2021, the section will be available «E-mail», in which you can create mailboxes. Sending and receiving emails will be available. For domain owners, the option «Selling mailboxes» will be available on the domain settings page.


May 2, 2011

Development of the Exloid core begins.

November 20, 2013

Beginning of work on creation of our own Exloid site management system.

July 7, 2015

Beginning of work on the «Exloid partner network» project.

From August 25, 2020 to February 25, 2021

Providing early access to the «Exloid partner network» project. The conditions for granting early access are described in the section «Tokens and the financial model». The start of the discount program for selling leads. Invitation to the start of work of referrers in the partner network.

December 25, 2020

Completion of work on the «Business on Page» subsystem. This subsystem will include the following types of businesses on the pages of the partner network users:

In the future, the list will be significantly expanded and supplemented.

February 26, 2021

Completion of work on the subsections «Crowdsourcing» and «Mail».

Release of the Exloid partner system for public access to the Internet. Providing access to all sections of the Exloid partner network.

Project team

Pavel S. RudakovPresident and Founder of Exloid Inc. Leader and lead developer of the Exloid Partner Network project.

Maria A. RudakovaChairman of the Board and Co-Founder, Head of Marketing and Business Development Department, Exloid Inc.


The aim of the project is to create favorable conditions for starting and running a business in all areas affected by the project.

The tasks set and completed by the Exloid developers are: maintaining referral programs, buying leads in order to increase income, parking domains, selling mailboxes and mailings, creating web templates, writing and publishing pages, doing business on pages, crowdsourcing digital goods.

For society, this is a significant and necessary project, because it creates new jobs and facilitates the work of specialists in various areas of the IT industry.

For investors, this is a chance to become a builder of a new sphere of using their capital to extract maximum benefits.

You can find more detailed information about the partner system, as well as tips and tricks on its use, on this website in the authorized user section, which is available for early access from September 8, 2020.