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You must save copies of all data downloading by you to our services. We do not give any guarantees that the data will not be lost or there will be no errors in services. You must download all your data before serving service.

You can not do anything that could damage, disrupt or impose an unjustified load on our website or service or to use our website or service by anyone else, including, among other things, an attack type "Failure to maintain "Or the like.

You cannot violate someone intellectual property (including, among other things, copyrights) or other rights to any data.

You cannot resell or otherwise provide our services to anyone without our preliminary written consent.

You can not use our services:

You are not allowed, and you can not allow someone to use, copy, change, disseminate, display, license, change or reproduce, reverse assembly, reverse compilation, communicate, share, transmit or otherwise make any of our codes, content , copyright materials, intellectual property or other rights without our permission, except for the use of our intended services or in accordance with any open source licenses, in accordance with which we use intellectual property provided by others.

You agree not to abuse the storage system. If your use threatens the service as a whole, we will be forced to take action to limit you.

We respect the copyright of other persons and require that users of our services complies with copyright laws. It is strictly forbidden to use our services to violate copyright. You cannot download, download, store, share, access, display, transmit, distribute, send by email, reference, transmit or otherwise provide any files, data or content that violates any copyright or other property rights Any physical or legal person.

We reserve the right to delete data that presumably violated copyrights, without prior notice, at our own discretion and without any obligations to you. Under certain circumstances, we will also block your account if we consider you a re-intruder.

We will try to provide you with access to our services all the time, but we do not give any promises and do not guarantee that our services will be without failures, errors or interruptions.

Although we assume that services should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is possible that from time to time the website or services may not be available to provide service or other activities to develop or periodically interrupt not for our reasons.

Information on our site will change regularly. We will try to maintain our website up-to-date and correct it, but again, we do not give any promises or guarantees regarding the accuracy of information on our website.

We do not guarantee that services will comply with your requirements or suitable for any particular purpose.

We also do not bear legal responsibility for:

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