Now there are very few systems on the Internet that allow participants to cooperate and create new products with subsequent profit. There is no cascade system for the integrated management of business projects in the Internet space, from idea to turnkey implementation.

The essence of the problems that the project solves

Web templates

It is very difficult for web designers, digital art artists and webmasters to resist piracy when selling their web templates. As a result, it turns out to make one or two sales and this web template is already distributed on torrent sites and warez sites.

Why the project was created

Our project solves a whole range of problems in various areas of the Internet industry. One of the most popular aspects for uninformed users is creating a personal website. Most of the services we have provided for the site and doing business on the site did not exist before. With the help of the Exloid partner network, all the above problems can be solved in a few easy steps. As a result, our project is a response solution that helps both individual clients and the Internet business industry as a whole.

Customer solutions

Web templates

The partner network provides an unlimited page-by-page rental of web templates. Our system supports multi-layout web templates. In one domain, each page can be created based on a unique web template layout that is not duplicated on other pages in that domain. The web template designers in the affiliate network are exclusive landlords. Unregistered web templates cannot be used on the Exloid network.

Web designer